This section provides general information on the Magento add-on:

  • the connection status,
  • connected Magento application,
  • connected Magento store,
  • integration ID,
  • secret key.

Here you can enable or disable the add-on and the add-on features.



​Basic Information​

Shows information on the add-on. Name and description can be edited.


This toggle switch in enabled by default. To disable the add-on, click the toggle switch.


Shows the connection status of the add-on.

Magento Application​

Shows the name of the Magento instance that the add-on is connected to. Before setting up a connection, the status is Disconnected.

Magento Store ​

Shows the name of the Magento Store that the add-on is connected to. Before setting up a connection, the status is Disconnected.

Integration ID

Shows generated integration ID for this add-on. Use this to setup connection in Magento App.


Regenerate Secret button shows the secret key which needs to be used in the integration setup in the Magento App.

The secret shows only once. Whenever a new secret is the regenerated, the application will disconnect and you will need to change the secret key in both the Magento App and in Mapp Connect setup. It’s a good practice to copy it to notepad during connection setup, and removing after the setup is completed.


Saves any changes that you make to the Magento settings.

There is no prompt. If you make changes and exit ​Mapp Connect​, your changes are not saved automatically.

A mapping is a list of imported data objects from Magento. There are four default types of import and users do not need to setup anything on their own.



​Transaction Mapping

Allows to:

  • import Magento order data,
  • save the data in Transactional Related Data table, and
  • send order email.

The Edit button allows to:

  • change mapping items (not recommended due to email parameters – if mapping name is changed, email placeholder needs to be changed as well), or
  • add additional order attributes (they need to be added to Transactional Related Data structure first).

​Newsletter Mapping

​Adds user to newsletter mapping. Not editable.

​Customer Mapping​

Adds users to Mapp Engage. By clicking Edit, users can add more Magento attributes as add-on attributes.

​E-mail Mapping​

Here are all default parameters which can be used as email placeholders. Editing and adding new allowed (remember to use same name in email placeholders with parameter. alias )

In this tab, you can edit mapping details.

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