This page includes some of the objects we created in Mapp Engage for the purpose of creating examples in our online documentation. You may use them for reference.


Master_EmailGroup of contacts who wish to receive email communicationsA master distribution list to be used with different segments to create a campaign audience for email sendouts
Master_SMSGroup of contacts who wish to receive SMS communicationsA master distribution list to be used with different segments to create a campaign audience for SMS sendouts
UK_Competition_WinnersGroup of contacts who have won a prize in a recent competitionA regularly updated list of competition winners who can then be notified of their win
UK_Low_LevelGroup of contacts with low purchase value Can be used in segmentation to exclude contacts with low-value purchases from certain high-value sendouts


First_Purchase_ValuePopulated when a contact makes a purchase to indicate the value of their first purchaseCan be used to target new customers in different ways when we don't yet have much additional info about them
Loyalty_LevelPopulated with value 'Bronze', 'Silver', 'Gold' or 'Platinum' based on their total purchase valueCan be used in segments, dynamic blocks or whiteboards to make sure contacts are sent appropriate message content
Opt_InPopulated True or False to indicate whether a contact can be communicated with or notCan be important in making sure only contacts who have opted in receive certain types of communication

Prepared Messages

Abandon_Cart_ReminderPrepared email message that reminds a contact that they have items in their cartTypically this will remind the contact that they have items in their cart, and may encourage them to complete the purchase by including free shipping
Promo_25Prepared email message that may be sent to contacts as part of a promotion offering a discountVariations of this message may include a discount voucher, free shipping offer or other promotion that will be of interest to the contact
Purchase_FollowUpPrepared email message that can be sent to a contact following purchase activity. There may be several variations of this messageDifferent variations of this email may thank contacts for making a purchase, make additional product information available, or recommend additional products to complement the recent purchase
UK_Birthday_EmailPrepared email message wishing contacts a Happy BirthdayUsed in a birthday campaign to show appreciation for contacts by wishing them a Happy Birthday
UK_CongratulationsPrepared email message letting a competition winner know about their winUsed as a one-off notification
UK_Flash_Sale_NotificationPrepared email message notifying contacts of an imminent saleDifferent variations can be sent to make contacts aware of up-coming sales such as Black Friday
UK_NewsletterPrepared email message containing news, events, competitions etc.Used as part of a weekly or monthly sendout to keep contacts up to date with the business
UK_Product_PromotionPrepared email message notifying contacts of additional products on saleA follow-up to the initial sale notification detailing other products that the client might be interested in
Two prepared email messages that have the same content, but different subject linesUsed in A/B testing to decide on the best subject line based on open rates


UK_BirthdayCriteria checking for contacts who are having a birthday on the run date and are in the UKUsed to identify contacts having a birthday (or other anniversary such as 1 year since they opened an account)
UK_LapsedCriteria includes checking activity status of the contact and the Country is UK. If the activity status is Lapsed, it indicates the contact has had little activity recentlyUsed to make sure lapsed contacts are not targeted in most campaigns, as that would result in a poor sender reputation. But targeting lapsed contacts in a special sendout can be a useful way of trying to reactivate them
UK_Opt_InCriteria includes checking the Opt_In attribute for True and the Country is UKUsed as part of a sendout to make sure only contactable people are included