Landing Pages are special websites created in Engage that can be accessed, for example, via a link in an email.

Engage Landing Pages create a platform where you can generate leads. They are also an optimal way to extend your existing Internet presence.

Landing Pages are by definition focused on a target group and on certain offers or services. Engage landing pages are so customer-focused that it is even possible to use personalization rules and placeholders to display recipient-specific information or offers on the website, or to hide or display content depending on the customer. You can thus address target groups of visitors with content and details that are highly relevant. For example: welcome your customer to the landing page with his or her name, customer number, and regional details. Or respond to the customer's individual preferences or previous purchase behavior. All of the personalization information used in message creation can also be added to the landing page with just a few clicks.

You also have almost endless options for handling the publishing and accessibility of your landing pages. Each landing page in the system can be time-limited so that you can follow a specific marketing strategy over a defined period of time. After the deadline passes, customers who continue to click on the link are redirected to a different, previously defined website.

Landing Pages are not limited to use only in email messages, or for certain time periods. It is also possible to set up landing pages for permanent use, to allow the sites to be found by search engines, or to add a link to the landing page in other marketing media (e.g. banners, web ads, website).

Landing Pages are created, edited, and managed in the Engage system. You can fully control the layout and design. With this feature, you can quickly and easily implement new campaigns without an external agency, saving you time and costs. Create informative landing pages to complement your marketing campaigns, or design web forms to optimize communication with your recipients.


Landing Pages offers the following advantages:

  • Create new landing pages that are specifically targeted to your marketing campaigns

  • Publish new pages at any time, independently or in addition to your existing online marketing resources

  • Create limited offers that are available only to select customers via email, and

  • Communicate certain offers independently or in connection with other campaigns

  • Enjoy some of the same advantages of Engage email creation on the landing pages: Personalisation allows you to display or hide certain information or offers for different recipients. All recipient data available in the Engage system attributes can be used on the website


The landing pages offer the following functions:

  • Create, edit, and manage landing pages

  • Preview landing pages

  • Publish and deactivate landing pages

  • Redirect visitors away from deactivated pages to a different site

  • Track and evaluate recipient activity on the landing page