IP restriction is an additional way to protect your Mapp Engage system against unauthorized access from outside. This restriction significantly increases the security of your message and recipient data.

To more tightly control access to Mapp Engage, system login is restricted to pre-defined IP addresses or IP ranges. Access is granted only to computers that belong to this address pool. This address pool is computers that are located within your company network or belong to a pre-defined service provider or system.

A user who attempts to log on from any other address is blocked from reaching the Mapp Engage interface.

Access via SOAP or FTP is also limited to the specified WAN IP addresses.

IP restrictions limit the login to Mapp Engage for message sendout and for message creation. Certain functions of Mapp Engage which are services for message recipients, not marketers, also require a login.

These functions remain available and unrestricted despite IP restriction, for example:

  • Links to online versions of the email (for example, message read online (phone and PC) or the forward message function (HTML and text)). Both examples are created with Mapp Engage variables and dynamically embedded into the message.
  • Landing pages that Mapp creates, such as pages for newsletter subscription or unsubscription, or for updating user profile data.

What is a WAN IP Address?​

WAN IP stands for Wide Area Network IP. In other words, this address is the IP address with which a company accesses the Internet. These addresses are set up for a company by their Internet Service Provider.

The WAN IP addresses are heavily dependent on the internal network structure and the Internet Service Provider. These addresses and have nothing to do with the IP address of the workplace. In the simplest case, the WAN IP is the same address for all employees of a company, but this address can also differ.

Prerequisites for IP Restriction​

The company or system that accesses Mapp Engage uses static WAN IP addresses.

Which IP Addresses Are Required?​

To set up IP restriction, the authorized WAN IP addresses must be known to the Mapp Engage system.

Since the WAN IP address is different from the host address that is displayed in the LAN, contact the responsible network administrator for the IP address or IP ranges.

In addition to the IP addresses of the company, all integrated systems or service providers with WAN IP addresses (for example, a shop or web analytics system) must be recognized. This recognition is necessary since they are able to transmit information to Mapp Engage or trigger a sendout.

Determine in advance all possible WAN IP addresses with which your company or a service of your company is accessible via the Internet.

The following possible scenarios in Mapp Engage must also be considered when determining which IP addresses to include:

  • Direct administrative login to the Mapp Engage web interface via your subdomain
  • Access to Mapp Engage through a SOAP interface (synch/asynch)
  • Access to Mapp Engage through an HTTP REST interface
  • Access to a Mapp Engage FTP server

IP Restriction Set Up​

The system administrators set up the IP restrictions for each Mapp Engage system. Contact your customer representative with the IP addresses that are allowed authorized access.