This article shows you how to integrate product images into your analyses and reports.

General remarks

Mapp Intelligence allows you to import product images. These images can be used in analyses and reports instead of the product name. This feature is particularly popular within reports. Images are not uploaded directly. Instead, you can pass the path to the corresponding product image.

Step 1: Import the path to the images

You can import product categories via Excel, JSON or Datafeed. The following example shows the Excel import.

At Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Categories click on Export Product Image URL.

The following layer opens. In the tab Export, click on Export.

Data is exported to an Excel table. In this table, you can enter for each product the URL of the product image. All established image file formats are supported.

Afterward, you can upload the updated Excel table via Import.

Please note that it can take up to two hours until the import has been processed completely.

Step 2: Analysis and Usage

In the main menu, the product images analysis is available at E-Commerce > Product Categories > Product Images.

Additionally, you may want to add the product name to the analysis. Please note that product images then are only shown in the list view of the pivot table: