This article explains the necessary setup to show Recommendations with Marketing Automation.

Initial Setup

Initial setup is necessary to show Recommendations with Marketing Automation.

Conditions are:

  • Product and order information available in Mapp Intelligence
  • Products with product status (viewed, added to cart, purchased)
  • Event parameters for teaser tracking to measure Marketing Automation must be used.

To show product recommendations and prepare product selections (Assortments), further information should be available in Marketing Automation.

Information can only be imported for products that are already recorded in Mapp Intelligence.

Transferring Product Information

Display within the product recommendations: What information should be shown?

Depending on the concrete application case, transferring the following information, for example, is recommended:

Preparing product selections (Assortments): Which products do you want to recommend?

Examples of Use Cases:

  • Show available products only
    > Requires product availability information
  • Do not show any Sale articles
    > Requires information on main and sub-categories
  • Show only shoes that are available in the user’s shoe size.
    > Requires size information
The more information is available, the better user-specific recommendations can be controlled!

Setup in Mapp Q3

Product information must be set up as product categories in Mapp Q3 and then initially imported in Marketing Automation.

An overview of all product categories is available under Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Categories > Product Categories.

Additional product categories are set up if needed.

Configuration is done under Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Categories > Product Categories.

If choosing the Datatype "Figure" only the input as a constant is supported.

Further information is available in the training chapter Setup Options for the Tracking of Elements.

Tips for working more efficiently in Mapp Q3:

  • For product categories that are only relevant for Marketing Automation (e.g. link to the product), the name or description should make this clear to prevent accidental deletion.
  • Through user administration, it is also possible to permanently hide these categories from specific users in Intelligence.

Data for the product categories can be transferred in the following ways:

  • Transfer on the website*
  • Data import using JSON, Excel*
  • Automated import of a product catalog via Feed
Note that exactly one piece of information can be stored for each product per product category.

Automated Import of a Product Catalogue via Feed

Configuration is done under Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Feeds.

The ideal import frequency depends on the information you want to import. For example, hourly imports are recommended to transfer product availability information.

You can check the import status in "History".

When was the import started and finished?
Was the import successful or did some errors occur?

The times shown are CET.

Setup in Marketing Automation

Existing product categories in Mapp Q3 have to be selected for use in Marketing Automation.

  • When Marketing Automation is launched initially, an Import Dialogue is shown for this.
  • Select the categories and choose the Datatype (text/figure/currency/URL/image URL).
  • For later modifications go to Marketing Automation > Contents > Recommendations > Catalog.