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You can learn about inbox rendering in this video.

Design Tests

Inbox rendering shows what an email would look like on different email clients and devices, allowing you to optimize the design before sending the message. This section lists all available design tests and lets you search for them. Click on the subject of a specific message to see the details.

Design Previews

This tab offers message previews for all clients:

  • Desktop clients
  • Mobile & Tablet Clients
  • Webmail Clients

Click the chosen thumbnail to see the rendering in full screen.

Image Check

This tab shows an overview of the images used in your messages, their size, load time, number of broken images, and number of images without alternative text. You can also see details for each image such as:

  • whether it is valid or not
  • source of the image
  • the used alt text
  • file size
  • the type of error that occurred 
  • whether the image has been blacklisted 

Link Check

This section offers an overview of used links: total number, number of valid and invalid links and links with a missing title.

You can also see details for each link such as:

  • whether it is valid or not
  • image URL
  • link text and title text
  • errors if any
  • whether the link has been blacklisted (does it show by whom if so?)

HTML Check

This section offers both improvement suggestions and warnings for your HTML code.

Best practices

This tab shows improvement suggestions of your HTML code.


This tab shows issues in your HTML code with details and affected clients.

Spam Test


Mapp Empower Client > Reports > Message > Spam Test

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