Use the ​inbox rendering​ feature to test the display of the message. Inbox rendering offers a design test and a spam test. Use the design test to show how your email message will be displayed by various email clients.

Use the spam test to see how your message is affected by various spam filters.


  • Compare message display in the diverse email clients of your subscribers.

  • See exactly what your customers are going to see when they open your email.

  • Preview message display with "images on" vs. "images off".

  • Identify problems with formatting, layout, or image display before message sendout.

  • Reduce the risk of ISPs flagging your message as spam.

How it Works​

Inbox rendering is not an artificial simulation, but an actual sendout to test addresses.

Inbox rendering includes a number of helpful tests that Mapp Engage performs before sendout to make sure your email is ready for the recipients. The inbox rendering test helps you to optimize deliverability to make sure that your message reaches the final inbox, every time.

When you start the process, Mapp Engage sends the email message to various seed addresses on different platforms, clients, and ISPs. Mapp Engage then captures a screenshot of the message displayed in each email client's environment. These screenshots are displayed as thumbnails. Previews can be sorted and filtered by criteria or selected and exported to a common screen for printing or saving.

Perform an inbox rendering check before every sendout to make sure your email message and sendout settings are in top form. The check takes only minutes to perform and gives you the concrete feedback you need to optimize rendering, deliverability, and user experience.

Background Information: Display images​

You can view the message either with or without images displayed.

Many email recipients, and some email clients, have a default setting that initially suppresses the display of images in an email. The recipient can manually display the images with a link or button.

If images are suppressed or blocked, the recipient sees only the text of the email and symbols for the suppressed images.

Please note that creating an ALT text is only part of the solution. Not all email clients display the ALT text. Some email clients do not consider the ALT text and only display the empty frame where the image should be, even if an ALT text has been entered.

Message rendering without images provides you with an impression of what information is presented in your message without graphics.

Deactivation of images has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your email in the inbox. When you only rely on images to communicate your content, your recipients may see an empty email when they open your message. The message preview without images is therefore important to consider.