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You can learn about inbox monitoring in this video.

Inbox Monitoring

Inbox monitoring is checking if emails are being delivered. This is done using a seed list to the sendout, consisting of email addresses monitored by the provider. 


In this section, you can apply a filter from a report to your inbox monitoring data.


Deliverability Trend

This section offers a graphic representation of the deliverability trend of your messages. You can switch between a bar and a line graph.

Recent Campaigns

This section shows a list of your recent campaigns with basic statistics. You can adjust the table by adding or removing columns as needed, and export the list into a CSV file.

The Inbox, Spam and Missing statistics are displayed by default.

Clicking on an individual record takes you to additional details about the campaign:

  • ISP Overview 
  • Campaign diagnostics
  • Email Preview

You can also perform these actions:

  • Compare campaigns
  • Export campaign data

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