You can import an existing selection to a new selection. This allows you to reuse existing selections so you do not have to create them from scratch every time.


  1. Go to Contacts > Segmentation Builder.
  2. Open a selection you want to modify, or create a new one.
  3. Compose the selection by adding the selection criteria you need.
  4. Add a new container by dragging and dropping New Container into the selection you are creating.
  5. Then click  and select Import selection from the drop-down list.
  6. Find the selection you want to add and click Select.
  7. The selection has been added. Now you can edit it further as needed.

    After the import, the selections will lose any connection with each other. This means that:

    • any edits that you make to the added selection will only be saved in the current plan. The edits will not affect the source selection itself.
    • any changes in the source selection performed after the import, will not be reflected in the current plan.

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