To import contacts and profile attribute data from a CSV, XML, or text file into a group.

In the file, the contacts are identified with a mobile number.


  • You import contacts into an existing Mapp Engage group. Create this group before you start.

  • You can import contacts from a CSV, XML or text file. The maximum size of the import file is 50 MB.

  • Make sure that the file is formatted correctly. See the links below for more information.

  • In the file, the contacts are identified with a mobile number.

For import, mobile numbers must include the international code. Do not include any optional extra zeroes. Import will work correctly with or without a plus sign (+) before the number. Examples of valid mobile numbers:

  • 49123456789

  • +49123456789

If you import mobile numbers and email addresses at the same time, Mapp Engage automatically sets the read mode for the SMS channel to "deny". To send SMS messages to these contacts, modify the import file to set the read mode for each mobile contact to "allow" or "prefer" for SMS.

  • XML: <channel type="mobile" mode="prefer"/> or <channel type="mobile" mode="allow"/>

  • CSV: Header: "member.MobileChannel" Values: "allow" or "prefer"


 Sample XML File with SMS Numbers
<userdata xmlns="http://webservices.ecircle-ag.com/ecm">
   <channel type="mobile" mode="allow"/>
   <channel type="mobile" mode="prefer"/>
 Sample CSV File with SMS Numbers

"user.MobileNumber","user.FirstName","user.DateOfBirth","member.MobileChannel" "498912345678","Jane","1961-11-14","prefer" "498998765432","Joe","1981-12-21","prefer"


  1. In the main navigation, click ​Audience​ >  Administration​.

  2. From the ​Group​ drop-down list, select the group that you want to import contacts into.
  3. Click the ​Import​ button.
  4. Click the ​File​ button to locate the file on your local computer.
  5. In the ​Type​ area, choose whether the import file is a CSV, XML or text file.
  6. From the ​Character Set​ drop-down list, select the character encoding of the file.
  7. From the ​Import Mode​ drop-down list, select how imported members and their profile data interacts with the existing group.
    For detailed information, see ​Import Contacts (window)​.

  8. From the ​Add Members​ drop-down list, select whether the new members receive a notification, invitation, or nothing.

    To send notifications or invitations via SMS, you must enable the system message for the SMS channel. For instructions, see ​System Messages via SMS​.

  9. Expand the ​Advanced Options​ area to enter additional specifications for the import.
    For detailed information, see ​Import Contacts (window)​.

  10. Click the ​Import​ button to begin the import process.
    When the import is finished, an ​Import Report​ with status information is sent via email to the contact who initiated the import.

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