Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click Audience > Groups​.
    ⇒ The ​Groups​ window opens to the ​Group​ tab.
  2. In the ​Actions​ column, click Group Attributes​.
    ⇒ The ​Group Attributes​ window opens.
  3. Click the ​Import Group Attributes​ button.
    ⇒ The ​Group Attribute Import​ window opens.

The Group Attribute Import window​

In the Group Attribute Import window, you can import group attributes as either a CSV or XML file.

The files should not contain more than 1000 attributes. The attribute files can only have the data type string. Each attribute has a limit of 2000 characters per value. The file cannot include null (empty) values. The handling of group attributes in Mapp Engage is not case-sensitive. For example, "customerID" and "Customerid" are treated as the same attribute.

  • File: This input field allows you to enter the path of a local file, or to select the file using the ​Browse​ button.
  • File Type: This list field allows you to choose the format of the file. You can import either a CSV file or an XML file. For more information about how to structure the file, please see ​CSV Format for Contact Imports​ and XML Format for Contact Imports​
  • Character Set: This list field allows you to specify the character set of the file. For more information, see

    You must select the correct character set during import! The character set of a file cannot be automatically recognized. If the wrong character set is identified during import, the imported data will not be correctly displayed.

  • Import Mode: This list field allows you to define how the new group attributes will be handled in relation to the existing group attributes.
    • Add: The new group attributes will be added to the existing attributes. Existing group attributes will not be modified. No data will be overwritten
    • Replace: The new group attributes will replace the existing group attributes.
    • Delete: The existing group attributes will be deleted, and the new group attributes will be imported.
    • Add and update: New group attributes in the file will be added to the existing group attributes, and group attributes which already exist in the group will be updated. If a group attributes is in the list but not in the file, this group attributes will remain unchanged.
    • Update: Existing group attributes will be updated with the information of the file, but new group attributes in the file will not be added to the group
  • Separator: The separator character for CSV files can be entered into this input field. The comma is the default separator.
  • Upload: This button uploads the file. An email informs the user that the group attributes have successfully been imported into the system.