Using the tracking library, page and action requests are sent to Mapp Intelligence. Similar to a pixelation of a standard website, these requests can be enriched by parameters.

Primarily, the app tracking process consists of the following steps: first, the Mapp Intelligence instance is initialized. Then as many requests are sent for a session as you have specified.

Two options are available for tracking events:

Automatic tracking
  • Android
    Corresponding callbacks are registered in the app for the Android lifecycle methods. These are then called and track all activity calls automatically.

  • iOS
    Once a "UIViewControllers" is configured for automatic tracking the "WebtrekkTracking" holds a preconfigured "Tracker"-instance which will be used to automatically track page view events within the "viewDidAppear"-function.

Detailed information can be found in the chapter Automatic Tracking.

Manual tracking

With this option, you must implement tracking for each view controller or activity to be tracked. Detailed information can be found in the section Manual Tracking.

We recommend configuring automatic tracking globally and, if necessary, adding manual tracking individually.