AMP for E-Mail allows you to design your email in a way that allows users to interact with the content more easily. Complete tasks such as confirming an appointment, signing up for an event, or filling out a questionnaire could be done directly in the email.

Virtual product catalogs could also be sent by e-mail. Opening a new browser tab and leaving the e-mail client is no longer necessary. In addition, the information in the e-mails should always be kept up to date.

AMP for Email is compatible with existing emails. The AMP version of the message is embedded into the email as a new MIME part, in addition to the HTML and plaintext, ensuring compatibility across all mail clients.


  • The tags amp-iframe, amp-analytics, amp-pixel are not supported
  • The only option to track amp emails is via a static image
  • When you use independent parameters to track email interaction, you do not generate a visit in Intelligence and the data is not linked to a particular page or action.

Independent parameters can be used to count the number of times a newsletter is opened, among others. Find more information here.


    <!-- ... -->
    <amp-img src="https://###your-trackdomain###/###your trackID###/ce?p=445&ce1=newsletter_2019_05" width="1" height="1"></amp-img>