The setup of categories is done in Mapp Q3. For doing so, click on Mapp Q3 > Configuration > Categories.

Various categories are available:

CategoryBased on dimension
Content GroupsPages
URM CategoriesCustomer-ID
Campaign CategoriesAd Media
Media CategoriesMedia
Product CategoriesProducts
Time CategoriesDate with Hours

Click on "New Category" in the desired tab.

TitleShows the name of the category. Use a prefix (e.g. "CG" for content group) to group similar categories. Thus, for example, the categories are listed directly next to each other in the lists of dimensions and metrics.
Descriptionhelps others to understand what this dimension is good for.
ActiveIn the case of deactivation, no data is collected, and the category will no longer be shown in the user interface. While this prevents analysis, the historical data will not be deleted.
Category IDThis ID is used in Tag Integration or the standard pixel to assign values to this parameter.
DatatypeWhen selecting "Text", this category is only available as a dimension, for "Figure" as a metric.

If "Figure" is chosen as datatype, the figure type can be selected.

  • "Quantity": Shows, how often a category was tracked.
  • "Sum": A metric is generated, that adds up the tracked values.
    Example: A category is submitted twice, once with the value 5 and once with the value 3. "Quantity" amounts to 2, "Sum" amounts to 8.

  • "Quantity and Sum"

(only when "Datatype" is set to "Figure" and "Aggregation" is set to "Quantity and Sum")

When "Constant" is chosen, the submitted value stays invariable independent from the number of accesses of the dimension.

Example: Per import, a value of 100 is submitted in a product category for a jacket. The product is purchased ten times.
If the category is defined as "Constant", the value is 100.
If the category is not defined as "Constant" and the "Aggregation" is defined as "Sum", the value is 1.000.
If the category is not defined as "Constant" and the "Aggregation" is set to "Quantity", the value is 10.

With Time Reference (only when "Datatype" is set to "Figure")

The time reference allows the import of multiple values per day.

Hierarchy (only when "Datatype" is set to "Text")

A tree of categories is built-in Mapp Q3 (e.g. "Page Tree").
Data SourceAllows the export and import of this category.
First Pixel AssignmentIf set to "No", values submitted via the pixel are not tracked. Only useful, if incorrect data is submitted.
Please note, that categories have to be set up prior to the data submission. This is necessary because the category is only read at the first-ever access of the categorized dimension.

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