Do you or a team member wish to regularly receive reports from Intelligence on a server instead of in your inbox? With a Connection Profile, this can be done easily. For example, perhaps your teammate John McExample receives dozens of reports weekly and needs to get them exported to his chosen server to keep up to date. As the admin user, you could set this up with a few simple steps!

  1. You can reach the settings area by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner by your username. 

  2. On the left, select Connection Profiles 

  3. Select Create New Profile
  4. The creation screen will open. Then you have to enter John's required profile data. This includes his name, the server and port, and an authentication method. In this example, we're using User & Key. The key here is your RSA Key. 

    If you choose the option of User & Key, please be aware that the RSA Key must be formatted as 

    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----

    You may also choose to add a Destination Path, which is the top level of a folder that can be accessed. All sub-folders inside of the indicated folder are also accessible, which can be very helpful if John wants to keep everything neatly organized. 

    Before saving, you may perform a connection check by selecting Perform check. This allows you to be sure exports to John will work, without having to set up an actual export!

  5. Finally, click save profile

You and your team may now easily export reports to John, including via a scheduled dispatch!

Connection Profile Overview