Create a series of related sendouts leading up to a major holiday. You will use the same prepared message to send all of the holiday emails.


  • Send a series of related messages using the same prepared message


A) Create a prepared message ​HolidaySeries​.

B) Create a time-based automation that sends the email every week, using the same prepared message every time.

A) Create a Prepared Message​


Create a new message with the name ​HolidaySeries​.

Save the message in the system as a prepared message. For more information, see ​Save Draft as Prepared Message​.

This prepared message is used for all 6 sendouts. Each week before sendout, edit the prepared message in the ​Prepared Message Overview​ window.

B) Automate Weekly Sendout​

  1. In the ​Automation​ area, create a new whiteboard.
  2. Drag 1 ​Time​ module and 1 ​Time-based job​ module onto the whiteboard.
  3. Drag and drop between the  symbols to connect the modules.
  4. Define the module settings as follows:

    Time Module




    ​Recurring Date​


    Define the desired day and time of sendout.





    Start Date

    End Date

    Select a start date and end date for sendout. If you do not select an end date, CEP will continue to send the holiday messages without stopping!

    Time-based Module




    ​Send Prepared Message to Group​


    Select the prepared holiday message.


    Select the sendout group.

  5. Click ​Next​.

    ⇒ The ​Whiteboard​wizard opens to step two.
  6. Define the desired time frame and notifications.
  7. Click ​Activate​ to immediately activate the whiteboard. Only active whiteboards are executed by the system.

    ⇒ The whiteboard is saved and activated. The automation has the status ​Running​ if the start date is immediate and ​Scheduled​ if the start date is in the future.

Each group sendout of the prepared message appears separately in the ​Outbox​ and the ​Statistics​. Each group sendout is assigned a new, unique MID. Each sent message is stored and visible in the ​Outbox​. No message content is deleted. This ensures that you still have a record of every sendout of the prepared message.