Navigation Path​

  1. In the Main Navigation​, click ​Audience​ > ​Administration​.
    ⇒The ​Contact Management​ window opens.
  2. Click ​All Contacts​.
    An overview of all the contacts opens.
  3. In the ​Actions​ column of the desired contact, click ​Memberships​.
    The ​Group Memberships​ window for the selected contact opens.


To search for a specific contact, use the input fields in the header area. You can filter contacts by name, address type, or optional identifier


In Mapp Engage, the same contact can be a member of multiple groups. The ​Group Memberships​ window shows you all the groups in which the selected contact is a member.

You can remove a contact from one or more groups in this window.





Shows the name of the group.


Shows the email address of the group.

​Subscription Date​

Shows the date and time when the contact became a member of the group.


Shows the number of messages that have been sent to the contact in the group. This total includes messages for any Mapp Engage messaging channel. The total excludes system messages or single messages.


Shows the status of the contact in the group.





The contact is a confirmed member of the group and receives messages from the group.


The contact has subscribed to the group, but has not confirmed their membership. Contacts who complete the first step in a double opt-in subscription process have this status.

Awaiting Approval​

The contact has subscribed to a group that requires approval from the group owner to join the group. The owner of the group has not yet confirmed or denied the membership.


Members who are deactivated in the group. This group member is no longer included in message sendout due to a history of deliverability problems. Responses can deactivate a contact automatically in a specific group. The contact can also be deactivated system-wide.




| ​Group Members​

Opens the ​Group Members​ window of the group.


Removes the selected member from the group, after a confirmation request. The contact is removed from the group, but remains in the system. No profile data is lost. Mapp Engage does not register this change as an unsubscribe in the group statistics.

​Select All​

Selects all visible entries.

Change Display Options​



Sorts the order in which the entries display.


Filters the entries according to the values in the filter fields. It is possible to combine multiple filter criteria.

Remove Filter​

Removes all filters and displays all available entries.

Visible Rows​

Changes the number of rows that are displayed per page.

Navigates to the next or previous page of results. The arrows appear when not all entries can be displayed on one page.