Navigation Path​

  1. In the Main Navigation​, click Audience​ > ​Administration​.
    ⇒The ​Contact Management​ window opens to the ​Group Members​ tab.
  2. From the ​Group​ drop-down list, select a group.
    ⇒An overview of all the contacts who are members of the selected group opens.


This window displays all contacts who are members of the selected group.

What can I do in this window?

  • Add contacts to the group with an import, selection, or manual input.

  • Edit, export, and remove group members.

  • Add a group member to the group blacklist.

  • View the group status of each group member.

  • See which group members are deactivated in the group and system-wide.

  • Edit the contact profile and read mode of a group member.

  • Access the group overview page of the group.

  • Access the contact overview page of the group member.

  • Promote individual contacts to test recipients in the group.

  • Remove all test recipients in the group.

  • Approve membership requests.

Related Topics​





Opens a window where you can import contacts and profile data into the group. The data must be saved in a CSV, XML, or text file. You can use an import to add, update, or remove contacts from the system. You can use this action to synchronize your contact data with an external system.

​Add Selection​

Opens a window where you can add contacts to the group with a selection. A selection finds contacts who match specific criteria. You can add, replace, or delete members with the selection.

​Add Members​

Opens a window where you can add one or more contacts to the group as members.

​Go to Group​

Opens a window where you can access information and settings for the selected group.

​Edit Contact Profile​

Opens a window where you can view and edit the profile data of the selected contact. The contact profile shows all the attributes that the system stores for the contact.

​Read Mode​

Opens a window where you can edit the channel and format preferences for the selected contact.


Opens a window where you can add the selected contact to the group blacklist. When you add a contact to a group blacklist, all group-specific information for the contact is permanently deleted.

​Show Contact​

Opens a window where you can access information and settings for the selected contact.

​Promote to Test Recipient​

Designates the contact as a test recipient in the group. Test recipients receive all test messages that are sent in the group.


Approves the request for membership of the selected contact. This option is available to the owner or manager of the selected group.


Removes the selected contacts from the group, after a confirmation request. The contacts are removed from the group, but remain in the system. No profile data is lost.


Reactivates the member in the respective group. This option is only available when the contact is deactivated in the group.

​Clear Test Recipients​

Removes all the test recipients in the group. The contacts remain members of the group, but no longer receive test messages in the group.


Opens a window where you define which information the system exports for the selected group. The data is exported in a CSV file.

​Select All​

Selects all visible entries.





Shows an optional identifier that is assigned to a contact. An optional identifier makes it possible to transfer contacts from other systems into Mapp Engage. To synchronize contact profiles correctly, the optional identifier must be unique.

When you add a contact manually, the system does not verify that the optional identifier is unique. Before you add a contact with this identifier type, search for duplicates in the ​Contact Overview​ window.


Shows the last name and first initial of the contact.

​Email / SMS / Mobile Push​

Shows the address data for the contact. The system uses address data to identify the contact in the system. Each contact has a central profile data in the system, no matter how many groups they belong to.

​Subscription Date​

Displays the date and time when the contact became a member of the group.


Shows the membership status of the contact in the selected group.

  • ​Active:​ The contact is a confirmed member of the group and receives messages from the group.

  • ​Pending:​ The contact has subscribed to the group, but has not confirmed their membership. Contacts who complete the first step in a double opt-in subscription process have this status.

  • ​ Awaiting Approval:​ The contact has subscribed to a group that requires approval from the group owner to join the group. The owner of the group has not yet confirmed or denied the membership.

  • ​Deactivated:​ The contact is deactivated in the group because their email address generated too many responses. For example, too many spam complaints. Deactivated members do not receive messages from the group.

Change Display Options​




Controls whether the table displays all group members or only test recipients.

Sorts the order in which the entries display.


Filters the entries according to the values in the filter fields. It is possible to combine multiple filter criteria.

​ Remove Filter​

Removes all filters and displays all available entries.

​ Visible Rows​

Changes the number of rows that are displayed per page.

Navigates to the next or previous page of results. The arrows appear when not all entries can be displayed on one page.