Navigation Path

  1. In the ​Main Navigation, click ​Administration > Categories.
    ⇒ The ​Link Categories window opens to the ​Link tab.
  2. Click ​Group.
    ⇒ The ​Group Categories window opens.

Group Category Overview window​

The group category window displays all currently available group categories. In this window it is possible to create new categories and edit or delete existing categories.

Available Actions​



​New Group Category

This button opens the  ​Create New Group Category  window. A name and a description for the new group category is entered here.

This button opens the  ​Edit Category​  window, where the name and description of the category can be changed.

Information Displayed (columns of the table)​




This column displays the group category name. The name is set by the creator of the category and can be changed in the​ Edit Category​  window.


This column shows the creator of the category. It is not possible to change the owner of the category.

​Creation Date

This column shows the creation date of the category.

General Page Options​




This drop-down list is used to filter which entries are displayed. It is possible to display active or archived entries.

​Remove filter

This button removes any filter applied to the display. All available entries are again shown.

​Number of visible rows

This drop-down list adjusts the number of entries displayed per page (10, 20, 50 or 100 visible rows).


The list can be browsed via arrows at the bottom of the page. The arrows appear when all of the available entries cannot be displayed on one page.

​Select All

This checkbox selects all visible entries.


This button archives any selected entries. Archived entries are not deleted, but remain stored in the system. To view archived entries, select  ​Archived  from the drop-down list  ​Show. Archived entries can be reactivated at any time.


This button deletes any select entries, after an additional confirmation question. The deleted entries are permanently removed from the system and cannot be retrieved.