Group categories are assigned to groups in Engage to make organizing different types of groups easier. Only one category can be assigned to a group at any time. Group categories can be assigned, changed, or removed at any time in the group settings (see General Settings (tab)​).


An international corporation creates a separate category for each country in which it's active. Each country category would be assigned to all of the groups for that country - for example, to each country's daily, weekly, and monthly newsletter. By using group categories, it is possible to quickly filter for all groups in the UK or to export data pertaining to all groups in a certain category.

Using Categories in Engage​

In Engage, group categories can be used to:

  • Search for groups with certain categories in the.

  • Filter for a specific category of groups in the Groups (window).

  • Create a report. For more information, see Reports Overview (window). A report generated for a group category presents the statistics for each group assigned to this category separately.

  • Export group data in an XML file for use in external programs (see Export Data to Server (S)​).

Creating and Assigning Group Categories​

Creating new group categories

Categories are created in the Administration area of Engage. For instructions, see Create New Group Category.

Assigning, changing, or removing a group category