Basic Information

The Zapier integration lets you integrate your Marketing technology stack with Mapp Cloud and automate workflows between several systems.


You will need active Mapp Engage and Zapier accounts. 

Before you Start

Before you start, we recommend that you take a look at the general Mapp Connect documentation.



BasicsAn overview of the Mapp Connect user interface and available actions.

A collection of how-to articles that cover key procedures for Mapp Connect, such as:

  • setting up an integration
  • creating and editing mapping & performing data transformations
  • setting up bulk data imports
  • triggering automated workflows from your external integrations


A) Prepare your set up and integration mapping


Prepare your Zapier set-up and mapping in Mapp Engage

Here you'll see how you can set up your accounts. Please note that you will need an invite to get the Mapp Connect app in Zapier. You can get this before or after your set up, but you will not be able to use it until you've completed steps 1-9 from this page.

B) Create your first Zap

Create a new zapYour basic guides to how to create new Zaps to use with Mapp.

Add Facebook leads to Mapp Engage

Send a transactional email with order confirmation

Add order details from Shopify to Transaction Related Data Table

Send an email with parameters

Here are some specific examples to inpire you!

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