Mapp AI Assistant integrates ChatGPT into the message creation process and can generate HTML email messages for you. 

All the steps we mention in the video are listed below.

The AI Assistant's output may not be perfect and may require further editing. Use it as a starting point rather than a final solution. Also note that it supports creating a message of up to 10000 characters.

StepNavigation pathDescription
1Create New > Message > Email Message > Create

Generate an HTML Email Message

  • Input the message name and click Create
  • Click the AI Message Creation button
  • In the Task description field, write "generate an HTML code email for "Welcome Spring" flash sale"
  • Click Generate and then Apply selected text
  • Click the HTML EDITOR button to edit the message

You can also generate a text-only message:

  • Click Email (Text) and then AI message creation
  • Input the Task description and click Generate

For more information, see Create Email Message Using Mapp's AI Assistant.