The barcode servlet feature is deprecated and has been replaced with Barcode Generator. For more information, contact your account manager.


To generate a link for a barcode to be used for sendout. Once it is created, the graphic is uploaded to the Content Store in Engage.


Access to the barcode servlets is a billable feature that must be activated for your system. To access the barcode servlets, contact your customer service representative.

This page is accessible only for internal company networks. It can only be accessed and used there. The image created must be saved and uploaded to the Content Store.

If the customer should use the barcode generator himself, this must be done with a link in the message (see ​Create a Barcode with the Barcode Servlet​.)

Background Information​

Each barcode servlet is hosted on a separate Mapp website. Use of the websites to create a barcode is described below.

The barcode servlets can also be contacted from within Engage via a hyperlink. The hyperlink contains all of the information that the servlet needs to create a barcode out of the specified string of characters (see ​Create a Barcode with the Barcode Servlet) and

The barcodes must be tested before sendout with the barcode scanning devices available in the stores. Depending on the type of barcode used, some scanner devices may be more sensitive, and thus not be able to read the barcode. The readability of the barcode depends on the graphic format, the recipient's printer or print format, resolution, etc. It is therefore important to test whether the scanners used in the stores can always read the barcode.

How To​

  1. Open the website for generating barcodes.

  2. Enter the necessary settings for a barcode with the desired size and qualities (see Supported Barcode Types​) and click the ​Generate​ button to create the graphic.
    ⇒ The resulting link can be used as an image address to upload the barcode to a message during sendout in Engage.

    The image must be hosted with the setting ​Images are inlined into the message (Offline HTML)​ or ​Images are hosted on the Engage servers (Online HTML)​. The image setting is defined in the Advanced Options​> ​Image Handling area of the Compose Message​ window. If the ​Image Handling​ setting ​Images are left untouched​ is selected, recipients who click on the image are taken to the barcode generator website!

  3. To upload the image to the Content Store and to use the graphic like any other graphic in the message, click on the link that was created for the barcode.
    ⇒ The barcode image is displayed in the browser. Save the image to your desktop and then load the image in the content store.