In the GDPR section you find settings, that referrer to privacy and security.

Update Cookie

With this feature, cookies including the everID will be automatically extended by six months with every page impression. This feature is set by default.

Secure Cookie

With this option, you can add the "secure" flag to all client-side Mapp Intelligence cookies. A secure cookie can only be set and read over an encrypted connection (HTTPS).

Please use this feature only if your complete website is solely reachable via SSL. If you are not sure if this is the case, do not use this flag.

Cookie everID validity

Lifetime of the Mapp Intelligence everID cookie in months. If you want to limit the lifetime to a session only, enter "0".

Opt-out cookie name

Alternative name for the Mapp Intelligence opt-out cookie. If you do not provide a name, "webtrekkOptOut" will be used.

Send all pixel requests via HTTPS

if you activate this feature, all Mapp Intelligence pixel requests will be sent via a secure connection.

Client-side encryption

Custom parameters, as well as order information, can be encrypted on the client-side. Encrypted values are stated as Unicode character numbers in HEX-format. In this notation, for example, a lower case "a" becomes "61" or a lower case "ΓΌ" becomes "c3bc".

Encryption should be tested thoroughly to avoid incorrectly decrypted values. All information must be encrypted during activation of the encryption. Otherwise, unwanted values may occur at the decryption.

If you want to, for example, encrypt custom parameters, then enter the value 'custom.'

Enable anonymised tracking

Enable if you want to give users the option to opt-out of user-identifiable cookies and parameters when tracking. Activating this feature still sets a user-identifiable cookie by default, but gives the user the option to delete the cookie and continue tracking anonymously.

Anonymous tracking as default setting

Enable if you want to suppress the visitor ID cookie by default and give the end user the option to actively agree to user-identifiable tracking. This setting will not set any user-identifiable cookie by default. Instead, the user needs to actively agree to set the respective cookies.

Anonymised tracking cookie name

Alternative name for the anonymous tracking cookie. If you do not provide a name, "miCookieOptOut" will be used.

Temporary user ID

In order to keep the session and the user during a single session, we offer the possibility to set a temporary session ID that keeps the session together but is not permanently stored on a device.

Store temporary user ID in session

If you enable this option, the temporary session ID will be stored in the session storage, so you don't have to set it on every page

Pre-defined URM categories

If you also want to exclude pre-defined URM categories from tracking when the user chose anonymous tracking, you can indicate them here.