To forward a coupon message to one or more email addresses.

Background Information​

Engage cannot track forwards that are made with the forward button in a recipient's email client. Engage only manages forwards that are created within the Engage system.

The Engage forward option is created by adding a forward link to the message during the message creation process. The embedded link opens a Engage landing page where the original message recipient can enter one or more forwarding email addresses (see ​Insert a Link to Forward an Email Message​).

When a coupon message is forwarded, Engage automatically inserts a new coupon in each of the forwards. So long as there are coupons available in the coupon list, each recipient to whom the message is forwarded receives a unique coupon.

In most cases it is desirable to allow recipients to forward a coupon. However, it is possible to suppress the portion of the forwarded message which contains the coupon code with a conditional statement.

For example: <%InsertIf expression="${sendouttype != 'FORWARD'}"%> the coupon code content which is not included in the forward is enclosed. The InsertIf expression prevents insertion of the coupon code in the forwarded message.



  1. Open the message you want to forward in an email program.
  2. Click the embedded Engage forward link in the message.
    ⇒ A Engage ​Forward Message​ window opens.
  3. In the ​Email​ input field, enter the email address to which the message is forwarded.
  4. In the ​First Name​ input field, enter the first name of the recipient to whom the message is forwarded.
  5. In the ​Last Name​ input field, enter the last name of the recipient to whom the message is forwarded.
  6. Repeat steps 4 - 6 to forward the message to additional recipients.
  7. In the optional ​Comment​ input field, enter text which appears before the original message content in each of the forwarded messages.
  8. Click the ​Forward​ button to forward the message to the specified addresses.
    ⇒ A system message displays with information about the status of the forward.
    The ​Message Forwarded Successfully​ window displays a summary of the forward recipients.