Why do some statistics in Engage (for example, Openers, Clickers) show slightly different numbers than the Campaign Dashboard?

The reason is that statistics in Engage and the Campaign Dashboard are currently counted differently in some edge cases. Here is a more detailed explanation:

To collect data, Mapp sends events from within an e-mail - for example, when an e-mail is opened. It may happen that these events are blocked by an e-mail client. Also, Mapp can track if a link was clicked. This information is collected when the user opens the website.

Therefore, it may happen that the "open" event is blocked (by the e-mail client), but a click on link is tracked (on the website). To avoid counting a Click for which no Open was tracked, in these cases Engage adds an artificial "open" event. This artificial event also counts for the Engage statistics.

However, artificial events currently do not count for the Campaign Dashboard statistics. Thus, the numbers in the Campaign Dashboard may be slightly lower than in Engage.

In the future, artificial events will also count for the Campaign Dashboard statistics.

Which data period is available in the Dashboard after the initial set-up?

When the initial export for the Campaign Dashboard is set up, data from the last 14 months is selected.

Is filtering on attributes like ‘office location’ or ‘campaign code’ possible?

It is not possible by default. However, you could get good results by setting up Campaign Categories and other metadata in Engage which would allow some better slicing of data. Please contact your Mapp Engage Customer Service Manager for more information.

Is it possible to exclude test e-mails from the overall results?

Yes, you can easily do this by using message categories. Note that you will have to select all message categories but the one named "test e-mails" in your filter option.

Can tags from Mapp Engage be used for filtering?

Not by default. You can apply wildcard filters, though. Just use them on names of messages, campaigns, and so on.

Is it possible to customize the Engage Campaign Dashboards?

Customization of the Campaign Dashboards is not supported. However, we can create a dashboard in Tableau for you. This would contain the insights from the Campaign Dashboards but also some deeper level insights that depend on your requirements. Tableau dashboards are a paid add-on. Please contact your Mapp Engage Customer Service Manager for more information.

What Time Zone is used in the Engage Campaign Dashboards?

The dashboards are always in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). This time zone is not affected by daylight saving time.

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