General Information

External events in Shopware allow you to:

  • send prepared emails immediately via a trigger from Shopware
  • trigger automation events via the Mapp Engage Whiteboard.


Send Prepared Message

  • The message must first be created in Mapp Engage. 
  • The contact must be saved in Mapp Engage.

The selected message is sent immediately to the contact when the event is triggered.

Trigger Automation Event

  • A whiteboard with the correctly configured Mapp Connect External Event.
  • A Mapp Connect Shopware integration with the correctly set subtype "Automation".

Shopware sends the trigger to start the Whiteboard flow when it is triggered in Shopware.


  1. Go to the Shopware administration panel and click Settings > Extensions > Mapp Connect Events.
  2. Select the desired business event. Please see a complete list of Business Events on this page.
  3. Select the Prepared Message or an Automation.
  4. Set the event to Active.
  5. In Mapp Connect Integration Overview, ensure the event is listed under "Add incoming (external) event names".

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