To export information on a contact entry that is stored in the system.


If necessary, filter the contacts to find your contact. For more information, see  Filter Options​.


  1. In the Main Navigation​, click Audience​> ​Administration​.
    ⇒The ​Contact Management​ window opens.
  2. Click ​All Contacts​.
    An overview of all the contacts in your system opens.
  3. To the left of the contact you want to export, click ​Anonymize Contact​.
    The system displays a message that your export has been scheduled successfully. The system sends an email with a link to the export page.
  4. Click the link in the email.
    ⇒The page to download the contact export file opens.
  5. Click ​Export​.
    The system downloads a csv file with all information on the user. This file includes as a minimum the unique identifier and contact information.

Export File​

Depending on your system, the export file contains the following contents.

Standard Systems

  • Identifiers

  • Channel Addresses

  • Standard Attributes

  • Related Data rows for tables linked to the contact profile

  • All events for the contact since the contact entered the system

Mobile App Integrated Systems

For each app installed by the contact

  • AppName_Opt_In
    This is the date the opt-in for the app took place.

  • AppName_Opt_Out
    This is the date the user opted out of the app.

  • AppName_Last_Open
    The date the app was last opened.

  • AppName_Push_Sent
    The date the app sent a notification.

  • AppName_Last_Activation
    The date the app was last used.

For Mapp Engage-Mapp Acquire Integrated Systems

  • Mapp Acquire UUID(s) matched to the Contact ID

  • User IP

  • Geo Latitude

  • Geo Longitude