Exit-intent based campaigns have proven themselves as a successful tool to convince more people to engage with your shop, website or digital product. Exit intent is the moment, when a user decides, that he has had enough and is going to close or leave the page now. A campaign based on such a trigger tries to re-engage the nearly lost soul for the good cause of the website, e.g. by offering a voucher, additional information, a person to speak to or chat with, to email a reminder with the current basket or just a request to join the newsletter.

While these campaigns are successful, the recognition of traditional exit intent behaviors on mobile devices is impossible, as it usually includes mouse movements, e.g. the mouse movement to the upper right corner of the screen.

Exit intent detection on mobile

The touch pad does not provide any indication the user might move his hand to the dreaded X to close the application. Therefore, a bit of artificial intelligence can help with triggering the exit intent banner nonetheless when the risk is high that, the last click was indeed the last click for good. In order for this to work we look at the thousands and millions of sessions, that have come before and learn indicators for when a session is about to end. "Time passed", "sites viewed", "clicks made" are all part of the dataset for the prediction as well as many additional datapoints collected with Mapp Intelligence or uploaded to and imported from the private DMP. Once we have a prediction model, we can determine the probability, that a session is about to end and offer a trigger: When the probability of a "session end" rises above a certain percentage, fire the layer.

How to get it

Exit intent for mobile is currently in closed beta status. If you are interested, let your consultant know and we will build the prediction model for you to use in your onsite campaigns.