To exclude individual links from standard link tracking. Link tracking remains active for the remainder of the links in the message.


Link tracking is activated in the group being used for sendout.

Background Information​

Link tracking for a message is configured in the group settings (see Tracking & Links (Tab)​). The settings configured in the group settings are valid for all links in all messages sent to this group. If link tracking should be disabled for certain individual links, this can be manually done.

  1. Open the ​Message Composition​ window of the relevant message in HTML Code view.
    The links can be changed in Engage or in another external software used to create HTML messages.

  2. In the link tag, enter the command ​ecm:tracking="false"​.
    The link is formatted as follows: ​<a href="http://www.beispiel.com" target="_blank" ecm:tracking="false">Text </a>​.

  3. Send your message.
    For all tracked message links, Engage creates an unnoticeable detour to a Engage system page before the user is taken to the landing page. Clicks are recognized and counted through this process. For links that contain ​ecm:tracking="false"​, this process does not take place. A link containing ​ecm:tracking="false"​ is not included in the message statistics.