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Mapp Empower Client > Reports > Account > Everest Inbox Rendering and Monitoring Usage Report

What can I do in this window?

  • Export statistics in CSV, PDF, and XLS format
  • View current event usage status
  • Search reports and apply filters

Learn more about the usage report in this video.

Current Event Usage Status

This table shows basic statistics about your inbox rendering and monitoring:

  • The number of events in the current month
  • The number of events last month
  • The number of events in the last 12 months
  • Average usage per month
  • The peak month, including the number of events for that month
  • Expiry date of the Everest account

Search and Filters

This section lets you search messages based on user, event type (rendering or monitoring), and time. The time filter includes predefined times (current month, last month, last 3, 12 or 28 months), as well as a custom range option.

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