An automation is a system job that, once set up, is completed by the system without manual input from the user.

Event-based Automation


Automatically executes a job every time a defined event takes place.


Executes when the event takes place.


Event: either Engage system event (like a group sendout or data import) or an action carried out by a contact (like a subscribe, open or click).

Job: defines the system task Engage automatically carries out.

Available Jobs

​All Available Event-Based Jobs​

Available Events

There are a large number of different jobs available. It is possible to automate:

  • Message sendout (single messages and group messages).

  • Data export, including raw data and various reports and statistics.

  • Address import.

  • Group and membership management.

  • Tasks pertaining to specific features, such as coupon lists and related data.

​All Available Events​


There are two basic types of event-based automation: contact-related (C) and system-related (S).

  • Contact-related (C) events and jobs react to the behavior of an individual contact and carry out a contact-specific task.

  • System-related (S) events and jobs respond to system level events. They automatically perform system or group tasks. (S) automations affect the system or an entire group, not an individual contact.

In the user interface, the designations (S) and (C) guide you in creating automations. See ​Contact (C) vs. System (S) Automations​.

Advantages of (C) automation:

  • Send single messages in immediate response to customer action. Examples include purchase confirmations or special discount offers.

  • Store contact activity (such as open, click and conversion data) in contact profiles. This creates a clear picture of contact behavior and allows for more personalized marketing.

  • Use contact behavior to transfer customers into different groups for more targeted sendouts.

  • Maintain good list hygiene and thereby improve deliverability. To prevent unwanted future contact, automatically delete addresses or add them to a blacklist or a Robinson list.

Advantages of (S) automation:

  • Generate statistics and reports after certain events.

  • Automate sendout of group messages, for example after every contact import.

  • Automate delivery of import reports, message statistics, message and group reports.