Shows the referrers tracked on entry pages.

Short Facts
  • Standard scope: "Visit"
  • The referrer is tracked automatically by Mapp Intelligence via JavaScript.
  • "direct" means that no referrer has been tracked.
  • "hidden-referrer" are all referrers that to not start with "http://", nor with "https://" and that contain at least one "." (e.g. "").


A user views the following pages


Entry Sources Analysis (Marketing > Entry Sources > Entry Sources)

For the entry page of the first visit (home), the referrer "" was measured. On the entry page of the second visit, no referrer was measured. Therefore, "direct" is shown.

Similar dimensions

Entry Source Type: Classifies all Entry sources into the  types Search Engines, Social Media Sources, Other Sources and Direct.
Referrer URLs: Shows the complete URLs of all referrers.
Traffic Source - Organic vs. Campaign: Shows whether the website was entered via a marketing campaign that was based on a URL parameter.

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