Encourage existing customers to make another purchase. Send a special message 90 days after a contact's last purchase.


  • Encourage existing customers to make another purchase.

  • Reach out to customers who haven't bought anything in a while.

  • Increase sales of items purchased on a regular basis.

Further Inspiration​

  • If you sell a product that customers purchase on a regular basis, such as contact lenses, you can use this scenario to send a reminder email 30 or 60 days after the last purchase.

  • Make sure to send recommendations for related products. This increases your rate of cross-selling.

Before You Start​

  1. Set up conversion tracking. Conversion tracking tracks when a contact reaches the purchase confirmation page on your website. For more information, see Conversion Tracking​.
    Each conversion tracking you create has a unique name in the system. You'll need to know the name of the conversion tracking event before you start setting up an automation.
  2. Set up a profile enrichment program to collect important data about your contacts, like their open, click and purchase data. For more information, see Profile Enrichment​. This scenario uses the custom user attribute ​LastPurchaseDate​. This attribute stores the date and time when you contact last purchased in your shop.


This procedure has 3 steps.

A) Create the message.

B) Create a selection that finds contacts whose last purchase was exactly 90 days ago.

C) On a whiteboard, create a time-based automation that sends the prepared message ​SpecialOffer​ every day at a defined time. The email contains a special offer or incentive for additional purchases.

A) Create the Message​


In the ​Quick Links​, click New Message​. Add the message content.

Save the message as a prepared message.

See Save Draft as Prepared Message​.

B) Create the Selection​

In the Recipients > ​Selection​ area, create a new selection with the following condition.


Basis for Condition




Click ​Add​.


​Selection run date, exactly before, 90 days​

C) Automate on a Whiteboard​

  1. In the ​Automation​ area, create a new whiteboard.
  2. Drag a ​Time​ module and a ​Time-based job​ module onto the whiteboard.
  3. Drag and drop between the  symbols to connect the modules.
  4. Define the module settings as follows:

    Time Module




    ​Recurring Date​


    Define the desired time of the daily sendout. The slider ​Hour​ works on a 24 hour clock.





    Time-based Module




    ​Send Prepared Message to Selection.​


    Select the ​SpecialOffer​ message.


    Select the ​LastPurchase90Days​ selection.

  5. Click ​Next​.
    ⇒ The ​Whiteboard​ wizard opens to step two.
  6. Define the desired time frame and notifications.
  7. Click ​Activate​ to immediately activate the whiteboard. Only active whiteboards are executed by the system.

    ⇒ The whiteboard is saved and activated. The automation has the status ​Running​ if the start date is immediate and ​Scheduled​ if the start date is in the future.

Gain insight into the performance of your messages in the ​Statistics​ area. All of the messages are evaluated together as a single message. This allows you to see at a glance how your messages are performing. See Message Statistics (window)​.