In the Content Management (Email) feature, email templates provide a general layout for your email messages. Email templates are reusable and flexible combinations of blocks that are based on a framework. The framework controls the block types and locations that you can use to build a new template. You create your email template from the blocks that the selected framework supports.

To create email templates, you do not need any email HTML knowledge. You can create your email templates in a drag-and-drop visual editor.

Mapp Engage uses permissions to grant access to information and functions in the system. Permissions allow you to control the level of access each user role in your system has to different content management functions.

To create and manage email templates in the content management area, you need the following permissions:

  • ​2100 Content Management: View and Use Frameworks​

  • ​2120 Content Management: View and Use Email Templates​

  • ​2121 Content Management: Create Email Templates​

  • ​2122 Content Management: Edit Email Templates​

  • ​2123 Content Management: Delete Email Templates​