You create email messages in the Content Management (Email) feature with the help of an email template. The email template that you use to create your email message is reusable and provides a general layout for the message. Within the template, you customise the content in blocks to create a unique message. The content blocks that are available for each template control where you can place and edit content in the message.

During the message creation process, you combine and edit content blocks in a drag-and-drop visual editor. You can move content blocks to refine the appearance of your message and add or remove blocks as desired. With our user-friendly editors, you can create high-quality email messages without any email HTML experience.

A content-management email message can have the following statuses:

  • In Progress:​  The email message is not yet ready for sendout.

  • Finished:​  The email message is ready for sendout.

To create and manage email messages in the content management area, you need the following permissions:

  • 2120 Content Management: Use Email Templates​

  • 2110 Content Management: Use Blocks​

  • 2130 Content Management: Use Email Messages​

  • 2131 Content Management: Create Email Messages​

  • 2132 Content Management: Edit Email Messages​

  • 2133 Content Management: Delete Email Messages​