Navigation Path​

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​, click  ​Automations​> ​Automations
    The ​Automations​ window opens to the ​Time-based​ tab
  2. Click ​Event-based​.
    The ​Event-based​ window opens
  3. Click ​Create​.
    The ​Automation​ window opens to the step ​1. Create Define Event​.


In this window you define an event.

An event is the first part of an event-based automation. When the system detects that the event has taken place, it executes the event-based job.

This includes:

  • Selection of the type of event.

  • Definition of specific settings.

  • A selection to limit the event to certain contacts (not available for all events).

Related Topics​

Basic Settings​

  • Name: Defines the name of the automation. This field is mandatory. The name does not have to be unique in the system.

  • Description: Defines a description of the automation. The description makes it easier to identify the automation in the system. This is helpful if many automations of the same type are created.

  • Event: Selects the event. Every time this event occurs, the dependent job is executed by the system.

There are two different types of events and jobs: (C) for contact-related or (S) for system-related.

Always combine a (C) event with a (C) job. Always combine an (S) event with an (S) job.

See ⇘ ​Contact (C) vs. System (S) Automations​.

Define Selection​

  • Selection: Applying a selection limits the job to contacts who fulfill the selection criteria. Use the  to search for a selection in the system.


Selections make the most sense when applied to contact-related (C) jobs. If you apply a selection to a system-related (S) job, the selection applies to the event, not the job. The selection then filters the system user who initiated the job. For example, you create a selection that includes all API users in your system. Applying this selection in the event-based job window restricts the automation to those events performed by the API user. In contrast to using a selection for (C) jobs, it does not limit the application of jobs to the API users!

Define Event​

This area defines the event in greater detail. The fields displayed here depend on the selected event. For more information about individual events and their required settings see ⇘ ​All Available Events​.

Edit Job​



​Edit Job​

This button saves the changes and opens the ​Edit Event-based Job​ window.

For more information, see ⇘ ​Edit Event-Based Job (window) ​.