Tag Integration offers the option to download your configuration as an XML-file.

As already mentioned above, the "webtrekk_config.xml" file contains the required configuration that you have made as the basic configuration in Tag Integration. To send tracking requests to your Mapp Intelligence account, you must integrate this XML file into your SDK.

Please refer to the chapter " Getting Started - Integrating the iOS Tracking Library " or " Getting Started - Integrating the Android Tracking Library " to learn how to include this file.

Proceed as follows to download the "webtrekk_config.xml"-file:

  1. In Tag Integration, open the container overview via the navigation panel on the left.

  2. To open the actions context menu, click the [] icon of the desired container in the list.

    Please be informed that the "download" option is only available if you have previously published the corresponding container (see "Configuring the App Tracking ").

  3. Click the "Download" command to start the download of the configuration file. The browser's download dialog opens.

  4. Select the desired option and then click [OK].