No Mapp Intelligence tracking pixel is required to use the media tracking. The media pixel automatically searches for existing pixel instances and checks whether first-party cookies are used for the specified track ID. It also checks whether the user is to be measured (pixel sampling or opt-out cookie).

To implement media tracking, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Download

Download the media pixel.

Step 2: Integration

Integrate the media pixel either on your website or directly in the multimedia file.

The following three options are available when implementing the Media Tracking plugin:

  • Media tracking on the website
    When integrating the media tracking on the website, the player actions are passed to the functions of the "pixel-mediatracking.min.js" file. The advantage of this variant is that the tracking library can be easily exchanged.

  • Media tracking in a multimedia file
    With this variant, the media pixel ("pixel-mediatracking.min.js") is integrated directly into the multimedia file. This is done in AS2 with the function "getURL" and in AS3 with the function "navigateToURL". The media tracking is page-independent and can, therefore, be integrated into internal and external pages.

  • Server-to-server solution
    A multimedia player with media tracking integrated in this way can be integrated on any (external) website and works even if JavaScript is deactivated.

Step 3: Initialization

Initialize the media pixel.

If the Mapp Intelligence standard pixel is not integrated, the integration position of the file "pixel-mediatracking.min.js" does not matter.
If the Mapp Intelligence standard pixel is integrated, you must initialize the media pixel only after the tracking pixel has been initialized.

If you have an existing pixel instance on your page whose configuration is to be adopted, initializing is optional. The media pixel then searches independently for the pixel instance and sends the media requests via this instance.

If you do not have a pixel instance on your page, the media pixel must be configured and initialized before the first media action can be submitted to Mapp.

Pass your track domain, track ID and a sampling rate to the function wt_init_media. A comma separates multiple track IDs.

 * @param {String} mapp_track_domain mapp Track-Domain * @param {String} Mapp_track_id Mapp Track-ID
 * @param {Number} [sampling_rate] Media Sampling-Rate
wt_init_media(mapp_track_domain, mapp_track_id, sampling_rate)

Example media tracking on a website

wt_init_media("", "111111111111111");
wt_init_media("", "111111111111111", 10);

Example media tracking in a multimedia file"wt_init_media", "", "111111111111111");"wt_init_media", "", "111111111111111", 10);

With the server-to-server tracking, the initialization is omitted, since the account information must be transmitted with each tracking call.