To define the sendout speed for messages in a group.

Background Information​

The sendout speed setting is helpful for limiting deliverability problems with large groups. Unless customized manually, the standard setting for sendout is maximum speed.

Reasons to limit sendout speed include irregularly scheduled sendouts or an occasional sendout to a very large group.

Very large mass sendouts that arrive at high speed from an IP that normally sends to small groups are often categorized by ISPs as spam. It therefore makes sense to send messages to large groups at a lower speed.

Sendout to new groups in which the address quality has not yet been checked should also be slowed down. A high number of spam complaints in a short time leads to future delivery problems. When sendout is slowed down, it is possible to interrupt the sendout, for example if many spam complaints occur. The number of complaints is thus distributed over a longer of period of time and may reduce delivery problems with all other addresses.


  1. In the Main Navigation menu, click ​Audience > Groups​​.
  2. Create a new group by clicking the Create​ button or edit an existing group.
  3. Select the ​Sendout Options​ tab.
  4. In the sendout speed area, activate one of the following options:
    Evenly distribute over a time frame:​ This option sends messages at an even rate over the course of the defined time frame. If this option is chosen, the time frame must be entered in the area ​Time Frame​. Both the start and end times of the sendout are defined.
    Send X emails per hour:​ This radio button sends the message with the chosen number of messages per hour. The sendouts are between 1,000 (min) and 500,000 (max) emails per hour.
  5. To define the time frame in which the message is sent, choose the start and end time in the area ​Time Frame​.
    This time range can be defined before each sendout.
    If the end time of the daily sendout is before the start time, the sendout takes place overnight. For example, a start time of 22:45 and end time of 4:00 sends overnight.
  6. If your message should be sent in a time zone different from your own, select the desired time zone from the drop-down list ​Time Zone​. This guarantees that the recipient is guaranteed in the time relevant for him or her.
  7. Click ​Save​.
    The setting is saved. The sendout in this group will correspond to the given settings.