The debug mode helps you to verify your track requests and check if all of your parameters are sent correctly.

Please use the AppDelegate.Swift class to initiate the debug mode.

Prepare Logging

The following code is needed to be able to filter logging information in the console:

if let id = everID, let code = mediaCode {
                 WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.logDebug( "\(everIDName)=\(id), \(mediaCodeName)=\(code)" )
             } else {
                 WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.logDebug( "no deep link info" )

This will add both, the prefix "Webtrekk" and the corresponding type of logging information into the console.

Example output in the console:

[Webtrekk] [Warning] Element autoTrackPlaystoreUsername not found
[Webtrekk] [Warning] Element autoTrackPlaystoreMail not found
[Webtrekk] [Debug] track domain is:https: //
[Webtrekk] [Debug] trackID is: 988720192734534
[Webtrekk] [Debug] sendDelay is: 300.0

In the example above, "Webtrekk" is used to indicate the output of the Mapp Intelligence SDK, and "Warning" and "Debug" are used to indicate the type of output.

Enable Webtrekk Logging

If you want to enable logging for all types of notifications, you need to set the SDK test mode to "true":

func initWithConfig(configName name: String? = nil) {
         if let _ = WebtrekkTracking.tracker {
         do {
             WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.testMode = true
             if let name = name {
                 let configFileURL = Bundle.main.url(forResource: name, withExtension: "xml" , subdirectory: "Configurations/" )
                 try WebtrekkTracking.initTrack(configFileURL)
             } else {
                 try WebtrekkTracking.initTrack()
         } catch let error as TrackerError {
             WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.logError( "Error Webtrekk SDK initialization: \(error.message)" )
         } catch {
             WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.logError( "Unkown error during Webtrekk SDK initialization" )

This will start logging the following information to the console:

Logging Type

Information Provided

  • track domain
  • track ID
  • sendDelay
  • requests
  • queue size
  • user actions
  • cleaning queue of requests
  • migrating from Webtrekk library v3
  • initialization completed
  • local configuration is up to date
  • updating configuration
  • info to use sendPedningEvents for the manual message if sendDelay is equal to 0
  • incorrect birthday or gender
  • the field name is too long (more than 255 characters)
  • request failed
  • request manager can not be started (if already is started) or stopped (if it is not running)
  • illegal values in configuration xml
  • about migration: information that app can not remove the previous version of library
  • errors about requests
  • errors about campaigns and goals
  • missing information about products
  • enable logging for specific use cases when implementing the SDK

Disable Logging

In production, it is recommended to disable logging entirely. To do so, please disable logging and testMode:

WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.enabled = false
WebtrekkTracking.defaultLogger.testMode = false

Example App

In the Webtrekk Example App, you can check how logging works when you change the configuration in the AppDelegate.Swift class at line 122 and 123 before running the app in Xcode: