Navigation Path

The ​Dashboard ​ is the home window when you open ​Mapp Empower​. You can open the ​Dashboard​ from any ​Empower​ window.

  1. In the ​Navigation​ , click Dashboard​ .
    ⇒ The ​Dashboard​ window opens.


The Empower Dashboard window allows marketers to monitor message performance and view recently sent or scheduled campaign messages.

What can I do in this window?

  • Access shared marketing calendar.

  • View the latest events, news, and product training.

  • View alerts of system maintenance.

  • Customize the layout.

Dashboard Panes​

Each pane can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the +/- button, except "What's New" which cannot be collapsed. Each area can be moved to the desired position on the screen by drag and drop.



​Message Trend Performance​

Provides a 12-week snapshot of message performance trends using 9-key KPIs.
The pane is organized into four columns.

  • ​KPI​ Key performance indicators.

  • Past 12 Weeks​ "Date1 MM.DD - Date 2 MM.DD".

  • ​Last Week​ "Date 3 MM.DD - Date 4 MM.DD". This column displays the total count or rate for each KPI of that completed week

  • Vs. Previous Week​ "Date 5 MM.DD - Date 6 MM.DD". This column displays Up/Down/Green/Red arrows.

For more information, see Message Trend Performance (pane)​.

​Marketing Calendar​

Displays events that are scheduled for today and tomorrow at a glance, with easy access to a full calendar view.
To open the ​Marketing Calendar​ from the ​Marketing Calendar​ pane, click ​View Full Calendar​.
Alternatively, click  in the navigation.
For more information, see Marketing Calendar​.

​Recently Sent Messages​

Provides a quick glance of the last sent messages, to check that emails are being delivered and they perform as expected.

​News & Notes​

Supplies marketers with the latest news, release notes, case studies, and articles from Mapp.

​Knowledge Base​

Supplies marketers with the latest videos, educational resources, best practices, and training registrations.

​Recent Activity​

Used to recall and quickly navigate a marketer to the last action they performed in the system.


Informs marketers of upcoming system maintenance and other important notices.