A group attribute stores one value for all members of a group. The value is identical for all group members. Group attributes are an ideal place to store data that changes frequently, and which is not recipient-specific.

It is not possible to import group attributes in an XML file that is used for contact data import. Group attributes must be imported in a separate XML file.

The files should not contain more than 1000 attributes. The attribute files can only have the data type string. Each attribute has a limit of 2000 characters per value. The file cannot include null (empty) values.

The handling of group attributes in Mapp Engage is not case-sensitive. For example, "customerID" and "Customerid" are treated as the same attribute.

You can view the name and values of the group attributes in each group in the ​Groups​ area. You can also create group attributes in the Mapp Engage interface in the ​Groups​ area.

The header must contain the following field names:


The remaining rows contain the name and value of each group attribute.

Sample CSV Structure

"Flight", "Frankfurt - Paris €299"
"Hotel", "SuperFrenchLuxuryHotelChain"
"Destination", "Paris"
  • If a group attribute with that name exists in the group, Mapp Engage updates the value of the existing attribute.
  • If a group attribute with that name does not exist in the group, Mapp Engage creates a group attribute.

Group Attribute Imports​

You can import your CSV file into Mapp Engage in the ​Group Attribute Import​ window. For instructions, see ​Import Group Attributes​.