Navigation Path

  1. In the Main Navigation, click  Administration ​>​ Categories​.
    ⇒ The Link Categoryoverview window opens.
  2. Select Conversion Tracking​.
    The ​Conversion Tracking​ overview window opens.
  3. To add a tracking pixel to your system, click Create.
    To edit an existing tracking pixel, click Edit in the Actions menu of the desired entry on the overview.
    A window in which you can enter or edit the name and description of the tracking pixel opens.

In this window, you create or edit the tracking pixels that you can use to track conversions.
The tracking pixel that is created in this window must be added to a page of your shop system.
​Conversion Tracking ​ must be activated for the group or message. For more information, see Create or Edit Conversion Tracking (window)​.




Defines a name for the conversion tracking. The name identifies the conversion tracking in Engage.


Provides further information about the conversion tracking in the Engage system.


Ends the process without creating or editing a tracking pixel.


Save your changes and opens the Conversion Tracking overview window.