To create a new message category.

Background Information​

For more information about message categories, please see ​Message Categories​.


To create a new message category:

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click ​Administration​ > ​Categories​ .
  2. Click the ​Messages​ tab.
  3. Click the button ​New Message Category​ .
    ⇒ The window ​New Message Category ​opens.
  4. In the input field ​Name​, enter a name for the category. The name is used to internally manage each category.
  5. (Optional) In the input field ​Description​, enter a description for the category.
  6. Click ​Save​.
    ⇒ A system message informs you that the new category has been successfully created.

To assign the new category to a message:

  1. Open an existing draft, a Prepared Message, or create a new message.
  2. Open the ​Advanced Options​ area.
  3. From the drop-down list ​Add Message Category​, select the message category that should be assigned to the message.
  4. Click ​Update Draft​ to save the changes to the draft.
  5. Click the button ​Save as Draft​ to save the copy as a draft message.
    ⇒ The message is saved.
    Click ​Prepare Sendout​ to continue with sendout (see Configuration for Sendout​).