To check an email message before sendout for rendering across all clients and devices and to optimize deliverability.

Inbox rendering includes:

  • A rendering preview at various clients and devices.

  • A check to assure that your message passes common spam checks.

  • Important sender identity checks (DMARC, DKIM, SPF).

  • Tests for subject line length, a valid list-unsubscribe header, and functioning links.


  • Inbox rendering is an add-on feature through ​Mapp Connect​ and is active by default. Talk to your customer representative if you want to de-activate this feature for your system.

  • Create a message with the message editor or the CMS.


Inbox Rendering cannot be started directly in the CMS area. To create a message check for a message you created in the CMS, start the sendout process. Then open a preview window. There you can start a message check.


  1. During prepare sendout or during the sendout process, click ​Preview​.
    ⇒ The​ Message Preview​ window opens.
  2. From the drop-down list ​Group​, choose the group for the message check.
    The group that you use for the message check affects the results of the check. Normally, you use the same group that you plan to use for the real sendout. The group contains information and settings that affect the final message and the sendout process. These settings include a prefix for the subject line or a message header, group attributes, member attributes, and the list unsubscribe header. Mapp Engage also uses the group email address to check spam lists.
  3. Click Send Rendering Test.
    ⇒The check begins. Mapp Engage sends out a batch of emails to test addresses at common email clients. Mapp Engage also runs tests for deliverability problems, common spam filters, sender identity, and more.

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