To create a tracking pixel in Mapp Engage.

This tracking pixel will be added to the online shop confirmation page by your online shop system. The link to this pixel will be loaded with purchase information to complete the conversion tracking process. (For more information, see Conversion Tracking​).


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click ​Administration​ > ​Categories.
  2. Click on the ​Conversion Tracking tab.
  3. Click ​New Conversion Tracking.
  4. Enter a new Name and a Description for the Conversion Tracking.
  5. Click the ​Save​ button.
    ⇒ The Conversion Tracking is saved and activated in Engage.

View the tracking pixel code​

In the  ​Conversion Tracking Overview window, click on the new row entry of the conversion tracking.
The information about Tracking pixels is displayed in the ​Details area at the bottom of the page.
There are four different HTTP fragments, combining cookie-based vs. cookieless tracking and normal vs. secure domains.

Prepare the tracking pixels for use

Certain placeholders needed to be added to all HTTP fragments before use. You must obtain this information from your online shop merchant or shop system.

itemcnt The total number of purchased articles.
​amout The total order value of all purchased articles.
​random A random number. This prevents the pixel from being saved in the browser cache and ensures that the pixel is reloaded from the Browser each time a visitor opens the page. The random number is stored for 3 minutes in Mapp's database to ensure that a reload of the page within this time is not counted as a new conversion.
ecm_order_idThe order ID. It is created by the online system and enables Engage to recognize that this conversion has already been already tracked, even when the page is reloaded within more than 3 minutes.
​uemail or UID
(only for cookieless conversion tracking)
The email or, alternatively, the User-ID. They allow identifying the user that created the conversion. Both have to be added to each link of a message and handed over to the shop system when the link is clicked. The shop system needs to keep the value within the whole shopping process and give it back to Engage at the end.

(only for cookieless conversion tracking)
The message ID allows the identification of the message that created the conversion. It has to be added to each link of a message and handed over to the shop system when the link is clicked. The shop system needs to keep the value within the whole shopping process and add it to the conversion pixel.
In case you need it for testing purposes, go to Messages > Prepared Messages, and you'll see the id in the overview window: 

Example for a request

The following example shows a tracking pixel with placeholders (Cookieless version). Mapp will provide it once you've finished the pixel creation.

<img src=http://mydomain.com/ev/my_domain?eventid=3300020004&itemcnt=0&amount=0&random=XX_insert_random_number_XX&ecm_order_id=XX_optional_order_id_XX&uemail=XX_insert_user_email_XX width="1" height="1" />

This example shows a tracking pixel with data instead of placeholders and the additional MID parameter.

<img src=http://mydomain.com/ev/my_domain?eventid=3300020004&itemcnt=1&amount=99&random=123456&ecm_order_id=97826&uemail=peter.curry@example.com&MID=3301711385 width="1" height="1" />

Use the tracking pixel for conversion tracking

  1. The tracking pixel must be added to the order confirmation page of your online shop system. This must be done by your online shop system.
  2. Activate conversion tracking within each message to be tracked. For instructions, see Activate Conversion Tracking for Messages.

As manually adding the same tracking pixels for each message is prone to human error, we recommend setting the tracking pixel inside each group.