You can create multiple zaps from one integration, but each integration can use only one mapping.
For instance, only one source name can be mapped to the user “firstname” attribute.

  1. Set up the first element - data source and event. For example:

  2. Go to the second step and select Mapp Connect. You can search for it in the search window.

  3. Choose between three scenarios depending on what you want your zap to do: 
    • Create User Event
    • Create Transactional Event
    • Create Event

  4. Click on Sign in to Mapp Connect.

  5. Choose API address related to your cluster - EMC or L3. If you are not sure which cluster you are using, you can check here or speak to your Account Manager. 
  6. Copy the Integration ID from the integration tab in Mapp Engage and secret from the notepad.
  7. Click Yes, Continue.

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