To create an email message that is based on an email template.


Content Management (Email) is an extra feature that must be enabled for your Mapp Engage system. For more information, contact your account manager.

  • An email template is created and saved in the ​Email Templates​ tab.

  • Blocks are created and saved in the Blocks​ tab.

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​Content Management: Use Blocks​


​Content Management: Use Email Templates​


​Content Management: Use Email Messages​


​Content Management: Create Email Messages​


​Content Management: Edit Email Messages​

Background Information​

The Content ​ area provides access to features you can use to create and organize reusable content in Mapp Engage. Here you can create email messages with predefined email templates.

Once selected, predefined templates allow you to focus on the content. The layout of your email message is prescribed in your email template configuration. With the help of the visual editor, you can create interesting content before you save your email message or prepare it for sendout.


A) Select Email Template

  1. In the ​main navigation​, click ​Content Management​ > ​Email​ > Email Messages.
  2. Click ​Create​ to open the ​New Email Message​ window.

  3. In the ​Name​ input field, define the message name.
  4. From the ​Select Email Template​ table, select the desired email template.
  5. Click ​Save​. The email message is saved and opens in the ​Compose Email Message​ window.

    Once you click the Save​ button, you cannot change the email template of the message. If you save a message with the wrong email template, create another email message.

B) Define Email Message Information

  1. In the header area of the ​Compose Email Message​ window, click the  symbol. The ​Information​ panel for the email message slides open.
  2. Enter information about your email message on the General​  tab of the ​Information​  panel.

    The ​​Name​ input field on ​the General​ tab is the only mandatory input field in the ​​Information​​ panel. However, we recommend that you enter a description for every message. The description helps you identify the message in your system. If you select ​Group​ from the drop-down menu, you can use related Group Membership Attributes as sendout conditions.
  3. Enter values for global variables in the email message on the ​Advanced​ tab.
  4. Close the ​Information​ panel.
  5. To save the information that you entered, click ​Save​. This step is optional but recommended.

C) Build Email Message Content

  1. In the ​Subject​ input field, enter the subject of your email message.

    The message subject is mandatory for email messages. This input field defines the subject line that appears in the email inbox of your contact. Mapp Engage does not limit the number of characters you enter in this field. However, we suggest that your subject line is approximately 50 characters. In Mapp Engage, you can personalize the email subject line with a personalisation placeholder.
  2. Click the ​Components​ tab.
  3. Drag blocks from the ​Components​ tab onto the visual editor.
  4. Arrange the blocks in the desired order.

  5. Fill the blocks with content.
  6. To save your changes, click ​Save​.
    To cancel the message creation and disregard your changes, click Close​.
    To start or schedule sendout of your email message, click ​Prepare Sendout​ and follow the next steps.

D) Prepare Sendout

  1. Click the ​​Prepare Sendout​​ button.
  2. In the ​Prepare Sendout​ window, select the sendout group, apply a segment, and prepare other sendout settings.